Erich Lehna – Guitar FX

Erich Lehna is a traveler between worlds. In music and on earth.

Born in the 60 ‘s as a child of rock and jazz, he later studied classical music.

He lived in many countries around the world and played the music of many cultures with local musicians as soloist and in band projects.

From middle east till the highlands of Scotland, from flamenco in Andalusia till celtic melodies from Breton, from Indian raga till African grooves.

All this influences became a part of his playing and his electronic music productions.

As a live performing artist he developed a unique style of a guitar based world fusion.

His versatility and virtuosity inspire the listener and his emotional play touches the heart.

His live performance is a musical journey and takes the listeners to distant places around the world. …and he still has sand in his shoes from his last walk in the desert.

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Konstantin Kayatma – Electronix

Kayatma – sound producer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

He composes music at the junction of genres(electronic, ethno, instrumental, new age, breaks), working with various professional musicians, combining the sound of acoustic instruments with modern electronics.
At his concerts often improvising, creating on the fly and rhythmic foundation, and the arrangement, acting at the same time and as a musician, and as a sound engineer.


Davide Swarup – HandPan

Davide Swarup is considered one of the pioneer of the Hang Drum.

He “found” the Hang in Amsterdam in 2005, and began as street musician.

In the year 2007 he released his solo album Music for Hang. 69 minutes of Hang Improvisation, a milestone in the Hang music discography.

Few bootleg album have followed. All live, with different artists.


Julien Eden – Violin

Julien Eden – was born in France.

Sensitive to the world and its silences, Julien rediscovered music in its essence in India.

As a student of classical indian music in Varanasi, He found his inspirations carried by the sacred songs and prayers along the banks of the Ganges.
He stayed in India for 6 years studying with great masters of Both Hindustani and carnatic Music.
Julien had the fortune of participating in a masterclass with DR.L.Subramaniam.

On his return to France, he developed a surprising style by blending his musical culture, with the complex rhythmic and melodic system of Indian music. He went in search of other musical approaches like Jazz , Flamenco , World and Electronic Music.

Julien combines his varied learning and collaborates with diverse artists such as:
Pandit Mukesh Sharma , Emam Ji, Kundalini Airport , Daniels Waples , James Winstanley.
He is currently playing in Alchimix and Atman projects.