2016/17 – Arambolla New Formation

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April 2016

After one year of silence Arambolla transform itself in Arambolla Project

New band members, new vibes!

Davide Swarup have met with Erich Lehna in March 2016 and decided to reestablish Arambolla, a previous project of Davide, after an improvised concert with Constantin Kayatma and Julien Eden.

A magical improvisation session, when Arambolla Project was born.

That night was luckily recorded. Here comes the Live album Depths of the Unknown.

In December 2016 they have met in Goa to start the Indian music season 2017.

Erich Lehna: Guitar FX
Davide Swarup: HandPan
Constantin Kayatma: Electronix
Julien Eden: Violin

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